At Annapurna Ventures, we share a passion for breakthrough ideas that can transform our life through the combination of smart technologies. We aim to create great companies out of those ideas


We are looking for:

  • Passionate entrepreneurs
  • Disruptive ideas
  • Business models linked to large, fast growing markets

You can submit a one-page executive summary at

You can also submit a presentation of you project underlying the following points:

  • Basic company idea – Elevator pitch
  • Team
  • Customer need / problem to solve
  • Product/service features and underlying technology
  • Market assessment
  • Competition analysis
  • Distribution channels
  • Start up milestones
  • Business model
  • Basic financial projections

If you are a technologist, feel free to submit you project with limited financial data. We will help you to develop your business, connecting you with people with managerial and financial expertise.