At Annapurna Ventures, we share a passion for breakthrough ideas that can transform our life through the combination of smart technologies. We aim to create great companies out of those ideas


The mission of Annapurna Ventures is to identify and support disruptive innovations in the digital media industry, creating great companies with a proactive investment process.

We started companies ourselves so we know what it takes to start and scale companies. Annapurna Ventures was created in 2009 by Massimiliano Magrini, an experienced manager and entrepreneur that launched the Italian branches of Google, Spry Network and Altavista. Annapurna selects new ventures in the initial phase of their life cycle and gives them coaching, financial and business development support. The firm operates mainly in the digital economy, with a specific focus on web services, enterprise software and mobile technology. Annapurna helps the growth of its investments in a proactive way, providing mentorship, industry expertise and a qualified business network. We like to back and support talented entrepreneurs, helping them to put in place their innovative projects and visions.

We are entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs. Annapurna Ventures supports innovation, enabling new venture founders to focus on what they do best: developing innovative products and technologies to meet practical needs. Our portfolio companies are supported with business planning, definition of metrics and milestones, management coaching and mentoring, business development, internationalization strategy, talent sourcing, industry networking and way-out strategies.

We have hands on experience. Operating as a venture capital firm and venture incubator, Annapurna generates a full process of deal flow origination and a pro-active monitoring of participations. We partner with former entrepreneurs, business angels and institutional investors: we generate financial return investing in innovative companies with large markets, high growth potential and committed entrepreneurs.

We are looking for passionate people and great ideas.