At Annapurna Ventures, we share a passion for breakthrough ideas that can transform our life through the combination of smart technologies. We aim to create great companies out of those ideas


We are living a new wave of digital innovation

The digital economy impacts all industries with open innovation models and new social interaction tools. Low set up costs for internet companies are creating a strong opportunity for bootstrapped companies: the new digital ecosystem allows mass experimentation of web services and mobile applications, a wave of innovation that is occurring outside big firms and organizations. Annapurna Ventures leads this trend and supports creative entrepreneurs that are willing to build great companies.


Accelerating the ecosystem

In the new digital marketplace, venture incubators and super angels are now bridging the gap from seed to traditional venture capital funding. Annapurna Ventures leads this wave, linking creative talents with entrepreneurial expertise and financial resources. We provide to new ventures a critical support with entrepreneurial mentorship, industry expertise and business network. New companies are put at the centre of a qualified network of investors, clients, purchasers and media. We have an open approach and encourage co-investments with other partners, envisioning the development of a large Italian ecosystem of digital innovation.